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When browsing the images above you will see a variety of holiday deals, these holiday deals link directly to there very own Holiday Deal page. These deal pages are made up of Sun Holiday Deals, City Breaks, and Hotel Deals. You can browse these one off holiday deals that we hand pick from browsing online every day. Our only job is to find the best holiday deals for you to browse and get inspiration for your next holiday.

How come these holiday deals are so cheap?

Many of these deals are one off holiday offers, meaning a cancellation at a 5 star hotel could save you thousands in fees. We scour the internet constantly making sure we find these offers for our visitors. As a result you get to travel multiple times a year for a fraction of what you would expect to pay normally.

I can’t find a holiday deal that suits me

Feel free to fill in our Deal Finder form, this is where you can hire a Holiday Cloud travel expert to search for a holiday for you free of charge. This is for people who are ready to travel or book a holiday immediately and who are able to purchase this holiday online. We do not work with any offline holiday providers.

Otherwise feel free to check out our frequently asked questions  page or drop us a comment on our contact page, we will try to get back you as soon as possible.

Where do we run holiday deals to and from?

HolidayCloud are specialists at finding holiday deals from Dublin, Cork, Knock and Kerry however we aim to service the whole island of Ireland with deals both at home and abroad.

Some of of our most popular holiday deal destinations are:

  • Algarve, Portugal
  • Puerto Rico, Gran Canaria
  • Rome, Italy
  • Liverpool, England
  • Sicily, Italy
  • Amalfi Coast, Italy
  • Costa Del Sol, Spain
  • Crete, Greek Islands
  • Santorini, Greek Islands
  • Others include: Malta, Cyprus, Kusadasi, Marrakech and Salou

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Can I search for a Holiday on, just like on a travel agency website?

No! Not really, is not a travel agency, we scour the internet for the very best holidays at the best price. We then publish these findings as deals on our website and social media channels.

You can compare hotels on our world class Hotel Comparison Site or you can check out the best flight prices here.

Do I pay for my holiday on

No! You will never be asked to pay for anything on this website it is simply an information based website that provides you with some specifics about the holiday deals we find while searching online.

Do we have any travel tips?

Yes we regularly update our new Irish travel blog and we have many articles and informative videos that are aimed at helping people get the most out of their holidays.

If you are unsure about How to book a holiday online, you can check out our guide on how to book a holiday to Amsterdam. This guide is the same wether you want to go to Amsterdam or Spain. The steps remain the same and should help you get your holiday booked in no time.

I don’t know where I would like to go on Holiday. constantly update our website with new information and a vast array of deals. One place you should look is our destinations page, this is a great place to go to check out some of the most popular holiday resorts, get the inside scoop and make a better choice when planning your next holiday adventure.

What airports do we run deals from:

  • Dublin Airport
  • Cork Airport
  • Knock/Connaught airport
  • Shannon
  • Kerry airport
  • Donegal airport

These Holiday Deals are amazing!

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